Metro has 2 shops in Olympia. Downtown and Capital Mall. Body Piercers are scheduled 7 days a week for your convenience. We have a HUGE selection of Body Jewelry, Rockin' Mens, Womens & baby clothing, accessories, Sexy lingerie, and a tobacco shop at our Downtown location"> Black Friday 2014
Black Friday 2014
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Black Friday Special-Piercing Happy Hour

Any single piercing* with plain steel jewelry**on Black Friday will be:

$20 at 2pm

$30 at 3pm

$40 at 4pm

(prices include jewelry and aftercare)

Line up starts at 10 am for a 2pm spot. No early sign up. No appointments. No spot holding. Be in line or don’t get pierced!

We will be taking 15 people per hour at our mall store and 10 people per hour at our downtown Olympia store, starting at 10 minutes before each hour; once your spot is reserved you will have two options: taking a rain check for an appointment on Monday December 1st 2014, Tuesday December 2nd 2014 or Wednesday December 3rd 2014; or making an appointment for Friday November 27th (Black Friday). We will only have time on Friday for 20 or so appointments and will do our best to expedite the procedure and make it fun for all involved!


*excludes dermals, surface, nipples and genitals

**gem jewelry available at additional cost